Wireless text messaging (SMS) has grown into a mainstream communication tool for consumers, reaching them via SMS marketing has become increasingly important strategy for businesses.

Whether between two people planning to meet up or a broadcast message to thousands of users, more and more SMS are being used every day, and savvy marketers realize text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience..


Domo SMS Platform

Creating your own infrastructure for SMS campaigns can be difficult to justify economically and even more difficult to manage. This is especially true when trying to use short codes to allow people to sign up directly from their phones as well as more advanced test messaging features like polls and Call to Action Campaigns.

Ubiquitous, Anytime, Anywhere

According to the Singapore Infocomm Authority, Statistics on Telecom Services for 2013 (Oct), the Mobile Phone penetration rate is 154.5% with a total number of mobile phone subscriptions of 8,344,400. The number of SMS messages sent (2G+3G) was 1,459,783,400.

Mobile Strategies

Domo SMS Platform is an online application that allows you to take advantage of these mobile strategies by:

1. Using a short/long code to generate subscription without having to pay a high monthly fee to own/maintain it.

2. Enabling people to sign up to your mobile club directly from their cell phone as well as via Web forms.

3. Running *Premium SMS services like SMS voting with customer charges and billing integration with Telcos.

4. Experiencing improved delivery and much more detailed reports about your SMS marketing campaigns.

5. Engaging in a 2-way interaction with your subscribers, such as asking them questions or prompting a call to action within the message.

Account Management

Full control of your account from setting up other users to creating automated responses for new subscribers welcoming them to your list(s)

Creation of your own keyword (subjected to availability)

Reports on SMS delivery and responses.

Campaign Management

Created and Manage your SMS campaigns easily online. Manage automatic responses to users. Easily collate results from SMS voting, polls and contests and generate reports and charts real-time.

Broadcast your personalised SMS messages to your customer to keep them engaged. Get customer satisfaction ratings, inform them of upcoming events and sales and many more..

 What our clients say about dOmO...

DBS Bank

DBS Bank make use of DoMo Interactive SMS Polling solution to conduct poll during its Town Hall event with real-time results shown in figure and charts.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets, a market leader in CFD & FX trading, used DoMo Bulk SMS to inform customers of trading seminar it conducts.

DBS Bank uses DoMo SMS Polling Platform

DoMo SMS Platform includes the SMS Polling System which allow users to easily create and run SMS Polling Campaign with real-time data processing, reports and charts - June 2010