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August 1, 2020
OpetGuru: Revise SPM, PT3, UPSR, IGCSE & A-LEVEL
September 3, 2019


Date of first Release: March 3, 2019

Date of last update: October 10, 2019

Version: 1.2.3

Size: 183Mb


ÕpetGuru (Opet Guru) is the education and revision app to ace your exams. And much more!

*IGCSE and Cambridge International A-Levels Biology, Chemistry and Physics exam questions available for free now!*

Beyond being a revision tool, ÕpetGuru provides important holistic advice such as study tips, ways to deal with stress, relationship advice, university selections & applications, and much more!

Educational revision and exam prep courses for you: free and easy way to study and revise for tests
Study anywhere, anytime, for free: Access online study resources and educational content anytime you wish!
Study effectively: School notes too verbose? No problem! ÕpetGuru’s concise notes/cheatsheets can be downloaded and studied even when offline.
Free packages: Studying doesn’t have to be costly. What’s more, it’s now free!
Study resources at your fingertips: Concise notes, video tutorials, and thousands of practice quiz questions, curated by professional teachers and top scholars!

FREE bonus features for you:
• Interactive AI chatbot: Enjoy learning through chats
Exam prep course and other free educational content delivered in the form of chats, making it a more personalized and unique experience. Our chatbot will tell jokes, recommend videos and provide tips. Who says studying isn’t fun?

• Topical Awareness Modules: Gain knowledge of interesting topics
An innovative form of micro learning, Topical Awareness Modules are informative and carefully crafted chatflows that give you insights on a particular topic, to make you more effective. With over 50 FREE topics curated to bring awareness on various important issues such as emotional & mental support, relationship advice, coping with exam pressure and more, ÕpetGuru is sure to make you become a well-informed young adult!

• Graduation assistance/University Application
High school is a stepping stone to further your studies. Similarly, ÕpetGuru doesn’t stop at high school but offers guides on application to global universities. Content is produced by top students who have been accepted into prestigious UK universities and institutions around the world, with unique insights on the application process and tips on how to ace your interview and provide the “X-Factor” needed to stand out.

• One-stop storage for application documents
It’s no longer a hassle to locate all your academic transcripts and certificates. With ÕpetGuru, simply upload a snapshot and we’ll keep all your important documents that are accessible to you anytime.

• Personality Profiling
Partnered with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and using the scientifically valid BIG 5 personality test, you’ll get a detailed psychological assessment of your personality traits – Work on your weak areas or play to your strengths!
BONUS: You can get to see which of your favourite Marvel’s or Avengers Endgame superheroes resembles your personality profile!





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Available subjects:
Cambridge International / IGCSE Biology
Cambridge International / IGCSE Chemistry
Cambridge International / IGCSE Physics
Cambridge International / CIE A-Level Biology
Cambridge International / CIE A-Level Chemistry
Cambridge International / CIE A-Level Physics

Other available subjects for Malaysia:
SPM Science
SPM Mathematics
SPM Sejarah
SPM Bahasa Melayu
SPM Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi
SPM Geografi
PT3 Science
PT3 Mathematics
PT3 Sejarah
PT3 Bahasa Melayu
PT3 Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi
PT3 Geografi
UPSR Science (P4, P5, P6)
UPSR Mathematics (P4, P5, P6)
UPSR Bahasa Melayu (P4, P5, P6)
UPSR English (P4, P5, P6)