Hotsource – who are we ?

Hotsource is not just another mobile apps development company….in fact….we are much more than that! At Hotsource Mobile, we are passionate about mobile apps, we drink, eat, live and ooze ourselves with mobile apps. From our humble beginnings as a developer of embedded linux, PLC and microcontroller systems, we have evolved through the years and endured changes in the IT industries to be what we are today.

Mobile Apps ? What are they ? 

Ever imagine ? What you hold in your hand today to use to make phone calls, is no longer a phone. In fact it is a mobile phone, a computer and a media machines all wrapped into one. Imagine being able to shop everywhere, anytime and buy anything using that device (be it an iPhone, Android Phone or even a humble Symbian phone) over 3g. The humble cellphone has evolved and has come of age.

The Hotsource Advantage

Your App is everything to us.

Our passion : To see our customers succeed with the mobile applications we helped develop.
Our Team : We are made up of a team of highly motivated technical and entrepreneurs technologists that are able to think beyond limits, deliver beyond expectations. This is because, we are technologists ourselves and entrrepreneurs too. We think for our clients whom their success is crucial to our existence.
Trust Hotsource for your mobile app development needs.

Our Latest App

July 19th, 2015.

Flashables 50 makes use of a system called the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) which is a form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) that uses pictures instead of words to help children communicate. PECS was designed especially for children with autism who have delays in speech development. When first learning to use PECS, the child is given a set of pictures of favorite foods or toys. When the child wants one of these items, he gives the picture to a communication partner (a parent, therapist, caregiver, or even another child). The communication partner then hands the child the food or toy. This exchange reinforces communication. This is a total revamped, re-released version of the 2010 app.

This version contains the English Audio with text in 3 languages; English, Chinese and Japanese.

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